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Aggravated meth delivery charges in Illinois

For certain criminal charges here in Illinois, there is both a regular form of the charge and an “aggravated” form of the charge. Delivery of methamphetamine is such a charge. 

Under what circumstances could a person accused of delivering methamphetamine face the aggravated form of the charge rather than the regular form? According to Illinois law, a person commits aggravated meth delivery if they deliver meth and certain special circumstances are present. Given the special circumstances specified in the law, things that could lead to a person facing an aggravated meth delivery charge include:

  • Being accused of delivering meth to a pregnant woman.
  • Being accused of delivering meth in a vehicle or building where guard dogs, dangerous animals, surveillance systems, alarm systems, booby traps, explosive devices or firearms are being used to protect the vehicle/building.
  • Being accused of delivering meth at a school, on school grounds or in a conveyance a school owns, contracts or leases.
  • If the person is an adult, being accused of having delivered meth to a minor.
  • If the person is an adult, being accused of having delivered meth and having had a minor help with the delivery.

Why does it matter whether a person accused of meth delivery is facing regular or aggravated charges? It matters because, for certain amounts of methamphetamine, the charge class and/or penalties for aggravated delivery are more severe than those for the standard delivery charge.

Drug defense attorneys can help individuals who are facing standard or aggravated meth delivery charges understand what potential consequences they could be facing and what options they may have for fighting the charges. 

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