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What kinds of actions are considered credit card fraud?

You’d never even steal a $20 bill from someone’s unattended wallet, so how did you find yourself facing charges of credit card fraud? It can happen more easily than you might think.

Credit card fraud is a type of identity theft, and it’s a common problem in this country. While many instances of fraud involve online predators from far-flung lands, home-grown credit card fraud is also an issue. People can commit credit card fraud in a variety of ways. For example:

  • You have been using your spouse’s credit card for purchases for years — but now you’re getting a divorce. You didn’t think anything of continuing to use a card that was in your spouse’s name, even though they’d withdrawn their permission for you to do so.
  • You borrow your girlfriend’s credit card to pay for a new tire on your car — with permission. While you’re at the auto shop, you find out the car’s brakes need replacing. You charge those, too — and your girlfriend is furious and accuses you of fraud.
  • You borrow a roommate’s credit card without their permission to buy concert tickets online. You expected to be able to pay the bill before they even noticed — but you lost your job and couldn’t.
  • You take out a credit card in your own name and splurge, but you have no capacity to pay the bill when it comes because you lied about your income on the application.
  • You have a company credit card. Money gets tight at home due to an unexpected expense and you decide to take a chance, hoping your bosses won’t notice. They do.

Credit card fraud is a serious offense. In Illinois, most credit card fraud crimes are considered a felony — which means jail time if you’re convicted and a criminal record that can haunt you forever. Find out how an experienced attorney can help you protect your rights and your future.

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