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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   December 15, 2022

America’s opioid crisis: Injuries, addiction, often connect

Millions of Americans who experience illness and injury may take an opioid prescribed by their doctor to feel better; however, this group of drugs can cause addiction, even with mild use.

CNN reports that more than 130 people die each day die from an opioid overdose in the U.S., and many individuals form a substance abuse problem while attempting to manage their pain.

Addiction happens rapidly

Those who receive an opioid prescription from their doctors to treat the pain of an injury may not realize the slippery slope to addiction is shorter than they think. Opioids contain highly addictive ingredients, making them risky for many different types of people, including:

  • Those who experienced a back injury resulting in pain
  • Those who experience long-term pain
  • Pain resulting from surgery

In some cases, the addiction grows so rapidly that many individuals find themselves addicted to the pain-relieving high before they know it.

From addiction to abuse

Even well-meaning individuals who never abused drugs in the past may begin to abuse opioids when they discover the high causes a euphoric feeling that helps them escape from the pressure of their everyday lives. As a result, individuals who face divorce, financial issues and family strife may abuse an opioid prescription. The longer individuals abuse these drugs, the greater the chance of an eventual overdose.

Opioids and the law

When addicted individuals start doctor shopping or turn to illegal means to obtain opioids, they may find themselves under scrutiny from local authorities. One problem the legal system faces, however, is that many people who begin to abuse opioids obtain them through valid prescriptions written by doctors who often prescribe them too often or too quickly.

America stands alone in its severe opioid addiction crisis, and those attempting to manage their pain may want to ask their doctors for other possible solutions before turning to these drugs for relief.

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