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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   December 30, 2022

Does your company have the right to search your belongings?

Does your company have the right to search your belongings?As a worker and a citizen, your right to privacy matters. When your employer requests to search you or your belongings, do you have the right to refuse?

There are some circumstances under which your company may conduct searches of property and people under its roof. Take a look at some of these to understand better when you have the right to refuse.

Can your employer search through your computer?

When you become an employee, you agree to certain aspects of the job. One may revolve around using equipment provided by the employer for anything other than business reasons. A company owns the digital equipment if they provide it and, therefore, may search through it. If the computer is your own, however, you may have the right to refuse.

Is your car off-limits?

A company may not search your private vehicle unless they have a police warrant. However, if you drive a company vehicle, that is subject to search at any time. Remember, when a business owns anything you use, they maintain control over it, even if it remains in your possession most of the time.

Can you become the subject of a search?

Your company may have security concerns and exercise caution when allowing people to enter the premises. You may have to undergo screenings at the entrance. As long as your company hires people with proper credentials to utilize metal detectors and other screening equipment, it should not infringe on your rights with enough notice.

You have the right to ask for someone to represent your interests, even when the company exercises its ability to search. You may want to enlist the assistance of someone knowledgeable in handling this type of situation.

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