Understanding And Fighting Wire Fraud Charges

Wire fraud is a federal offense and if convicted, you face heavy fines and serious jail time. If the offense was committed against a financial institution, jail time can be up to 30 years. These are very serious charges, and you should not wait to seek help. The sooner you obtain legal representation the better.

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The ‘Umbrella’ Charge Of Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is often charged in conjunction with other crimes, such as identity theft, bankruptcy fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, internet fraud, Medicaid/Medicare fraud and theft/embezzlement. This is because wire fraud is any crime committed using interstate wire communications facilities in carrying out a scheme to defraud. This includes the internet, phone systems, fax, mail, wire transfers, and even radio or television.

Federal law under 18 U.S.C. Section 1343 provides for the elements of wire fraud:

“A person can be found guilty of [wire fraud] only if all the following facts are proved beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • First: That the person knowingly and willfully devised a scheme to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false pretenses, representations or promises; and
  • Second: That the person knowingly transmitted or caused to be transmitted by wire in interstate commerce some sound for the purpose of executing the scheme to defraud.”

You do not have to actually “defraud” someone in order to be convicted of wire fraud. Essentially, the charge focuses on the alleged “intent” — knowingly and willfully intending to defraud. Our attorneys have particular experience in attacking the government’s use of wiretap surveillance methods and discrediting any evidence obtained illegally.

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